Anti-microbial masterbatches

This group of masterbatches with trade name NovinSide® are supplied in three different categories: Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal. They contain novel biocide additives based on Metal oxide nanoparticles, and are produced using a specific technique that allows full dispersion with no agglomeration and change in particle size. Thus, they are fully incorporated in the masterbatch, providing excellent anti-microbial properties. These masterbatches are completely transparent and do not add color to the product, preserving the natural color while maintaining mechanical properties of the product.

Productions with incorporated anti-microbial masterbatches use different methods to eliminate microbes and bacteria, giving the product the ability to perform well in different conditions such as dry environments, environments with high humidity and dark environments.

Flow-enhancing masterbatches

This group of masterbatches with trade name NovinFlow® is based on PP, and their mainly used is PP melt processing to increase the MFI and thus enhancing the quality and stability of the final product. They will also decrease shrinkage and curling in thin parts to the minimum possible amount.

Dispersing aid masterbatches

This group of masterbatches with trade name NovinDisperse® is designed to increase the filler loading capacity in the polymeric matrix. Incorporation of these masterbatches will enhance the filler dispersion in matrix, and increase the maximum loading capacity of the filler.