CaCO3-Filled Masterbatches

This group of polymeric compounds with trade name NovinFill® is based on PE and PP, and highly loaded with calcium carbonate (CaCO3) with intention to reduce the price of the final product in different processes such as film blowing, injection molding, blow molding, etc. Proper matrix design as well as incorporating calcium carbonate with a proper particle size will result in lowering the price even further while maintaining the desired properties.

Transparent Filled Masterbatches

Fillers are generally incorporated into a polymeric product to reduce the final price of the product while maintaining the desired properties. However, conventional fillers may result in partial or complete opacity reduction. To overcome this issue, a group of masterbatches with trade name NovinFill® are developed based on special fillers, which will make it possible to maintain mechanical properties as well as the transparency of the product.